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A bowl full of shredded buffalo chicken next to an Instant Pot and plate full of carrots and celery.

Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken (Just 3 Ingredients!)

Our quick and easy Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken recipe takes just 3 ingredients and 20 minutes to produce juicy, flavorful and healthy buffalo chicken. Each serving has ZERO net carbs and a whopping 28g of protein. Serve it with our Keto Ranch Dressing and Grub away, baby! The only three ingredients you need to make […]

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Shredded Chicken in romane lettuce topped with tomatoes, avocado, sour cream, black olives on a white plate

Slow Cooker Shredded Chicken For Tacos

This Quick and Easy Shredded Chicken For Tacos recipe is bursting with flavor and perfect for a low-carb Keto lifestyle! You can also use this shredded chicken recipe for easy burrito bowls. Pop all the ingredients in your slow cooker and by dinnertime, you’ll have delicious slow cooker shredded chicken tacos just over 1 carb […]

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Keto Broccoli Cheese Soup in a white soup bowl topped with crumbled bacon and cheese.

Easy Broccoli With Cheese Soup (Keto and Low Carb)

Warm up with a delicious bowl of our favorite low carb soup recipe: Broccoli with Cheese Soup. Our low carb Broccoli Cheese Soup recipe packs a whopping 14g of protein and just 5 net carbs. If you like Broccoli Cheese Soup from Panera, you’ll love our keto-friendly version. This hearty bowl of goodness is ready […]

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Keto Green Bean Casserole with bacon crumbles and mushrooms in a white baking dish.

Keto Green Bean Casserole with Bacon and Mushrooms

Easy Low Carb Keto Green Bean Casserole loaded with bacon, mushrooms, cheese and flavor. This holiday side dish favorite has only 6 net carbs per serving making it a great addition to your Keto friendly holiday menu. This reimagined holiday favorite is a budget friendly Keto side dish recipe at only $0.93 per serving. Pair […]

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Baked Asparagus with Parmesan and lemon wedge in a white baking dish.

Garlic Baked Asparagus with Parmesan and Mozzarella

Baked Asparagus with parmesan and mozzarella cheese is the perfect Keto side dish. We loaded this roasted asparagus recipe with garlic, cheese and spices to create a satisfying and filling keto vegetable recipe. We served it in a cute white baking dish since baked cheese recipes can look a bit blah in darker or clear […]

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Creamed spinach in a white bowl on a white napkin.

Easy Cheesy Creamed Spinach (Keto)

Our Easy and Cheesy Creamed Spinach recipe tastes just like steakhouse creamed spinach…with less fuss, ingredients and calories. This spinach recipe is a perfect Keto Side Dish idea for the holidays and pairs well with our Garlic & Herb Whole Roasted Chicken.  View More KETO RECIPES. Keto Green Bean Casserole Oven Roasted Mushrooms in Garlic Butter Low […]

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Chaffle loaded with western bacon cheeseburger toppings like onion rings, BBQ sauce and cheese

Western Bacon Cheeseburger Chaffle Recipe

This Western Bacon Cheeseburger chaffle recipe isn’t for the faint of heart. From the crispy waffles style chaffle and Airfryer onion rings to the spiced barbecue sauce, this chaffle recipe is dripping with flavor. With only 9 net carbs, this low carb recipe is Keto friendly and gluten free*.   Looking for a good Sugar Free […]

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Pesto Meatballs sitting on a white plate with pesto dipping sauce. Made with ground chicken or turkey.

Easy and Creamy Pesto Keto Meatballs

Keto Meatballs Just 5 ingredients create these creamy Pesto Keto Meatballs. This easy meatballs recipe has only 4 net carbs per serving (1 per Keto Meatball). These keto meatballs can be made with chicken, turkey or pork. This is our favorite Homemade Pesto Recipe. If you’re not into making it from scratch, we recommend the Costco […]

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